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Through sound and spatial media, I explore critical frameworks relating to queer and gender-diverse articulations and ecological relations. Currently, my practice is focused on experimenting with field recording techniques and spatial sound and electroacoustic compositional traditions, which draw on the disciplines of sonic arts and acoustic ecologies.

Central to my practice is the examination of how critical listening processes give rise to the experience of ecological awareness and how sound, and the manipulation of sounds, evoke a sense of being, place and relationality. I explore these sound-led questions through the scholarship of queer ecologies and transgender studies to produce site-responsive and speculative encounters that offer sonic propositions for thinking outside of binary hierarchies, inviting listeners to traverse composite forms and conditions. 

My works have been presented internationally—at Ars Electronica Festival 2022, Linz Austria and III International Conference on Sonorities Research (CIPS) 2023, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—and shown by Australian galleries and arts organisations, including McClelland Sculpture Park Gallery, Latrobe Regional Gallery, Gertrude Contemporary, Liquid Architecture, Speak Percussion, Avantwhatever, The Substation, and MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio).

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