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H:O:M:E, 2018

10 minutes, 3 seconds, stereo sound (EXCERPT) 

Created by L&ndless Collective

​Multicultural Arts Victoria / Mapping Melbourne 2018

H:O:M:E is a durational performance-based installation produced by interdisciplinary collective L&NDLESS, featuring live sound by Amias Hanley. 


Inside a large gallery L&NDLESS' performance, as they weaved an experiential landscape of storytelling—exploring the ways in which locations, memories, stories, and histories are connected through personal and collective narratives.

Through an online portal, members of the public were invited to contribute their memories and stories of place and identity for use in the work. These contributions were then layered into the aural and visual elements of the piece, reflecting the connectivity between the many personal stories of place and identity of the community. Acknowledging the transient and disrupted connections to homelands and heritage that are a feature of contemporary Australian discourse, H:O:M:E constructs a shifting framework to explore the relationship between geography and identity. Poetics, recollections, relational choreography, live and embodied art interactions are all drawn into the work to disrupt, dislodge and unpack the conflicted and paradoxical relationship between identity, place and belonging.


L&NDLESS is an interdisciplinary collective creating immersive, experiential encounters through durational performance, installation, ritual, and text. Exploring the application of critical theory to embodied practices, L&NDLESS represents the juncture of individual and collective enquiry of its members: Devika BilimoriaLuna Mrozik-Gawler and Nithya Iyer.

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