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Sonic Entanglements: Bodies of the Valley, 2018

16 minutes, 56 seconds, stereo sound


Black box theatre (2018)

Sonic Entanglements: Bodies of the Valley is a practice-based creative research project that uses the theoretical framework of queer ecologies and an iterative audio recording/playback methodology to problematise the inside-outside distinction between listening-hearing and self-environment. 

​The research practice is inspired by Alvin Lucier’s I am Sitting in a Room (1981), though my research is conducted in the Brunswick Valley, known as Moonee Moonee (Woi Wurrung) or Moonee Ponds Creek, Victoria, Australia. This work aims to enact an embodied listening experience that stimulates an awareness of the interdependence and multiple temporalities of bodies and environments.

​The intention of the project is to compel a listener to critically consider how an awareness of the permeability of boundaries between bodies can challenge us to rethink the anthropocentric concept of “Nature”— to consider humans and technology, not merely in relation to the environment, but rather as part of the environment.

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