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10 minutes, 30 seconds

This multichannel audio work imagines a speculative swampland wherein multiple species, forms and forces are transforming through a series of open-ended vocal exchanges. This work is a sonic fabulation that is informed by a pre-colonised Carrum Carrum Swamp, settler governance of watercourses and the drainage of wetlands in the area where McClelland Sculpture Park exists, Bunurong Country, Australia. The swampland is a slice of tangled time—it carries both remnants of the past and feelings of futurity, which coalesce in a kind of nonlinear discontinuous present. 

SUNKLAND draws on queer perspectives of non-biological kin and the sonic body as a site of becoming and ambiguity. Exploring the poetics of care and exchange through themes of hybridity and heritage, the work invites listeners to imagine the ways that kinship might be felt through embodying the expressions of another species or form—questioning, how might these events allow for listening to the worlds of others in ways that matter?


McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, Langwarrin AU

The McClelland Collection

7.1 Channels


Ars Electronica Festival, Welcome to Planet B, Linz AT

Immersive Sounds – External Worlds

20.4 Channels


McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, Langwarrin AU 

Site & Sound: Sonic Art as Ecological Practice

24.2 Channels

Acquired 2021

McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery


Liquid Architecture 


Simon Lawrie, Joel Stern  

Ars Electronica Catalogue

Welcome to Planet B - A different life is possible. But how? 


McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, SUNKLAND install, 2021

Image: Devika Bilimoria

SUNKLAND - Ars Electronica

Ars Electronica Festival, Welcome to Planet B, Immersive Sounds – External Worlds, 2022

Image: Florian Voggeneder


McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, The McClelland Collection, 2023

Image: Devika Bilimoria

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