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The Book of Dream, 2019

13 minutes, HD video, stereo sound

The Great Wall of Books Project

Direction: Dario Vacirca
Cinematography and Edit: Devika Bilimoria 
Music and Sound Design: Amias Hanley

Audio Excerpt: John Cage and Morton Feldman in Converstation, Radio Happening I of V recorced at WBAI, New York City, 1966 - 1967

​​Facilitated by The 2018 Book Team: Robbie Cole, Nithya Iyer, Dario Vacirca and Renato Vacirca and Wells Angels Crew: Vlad Mizikov, Katia Pshenichner and Inna Tsyrlin  

Co-produced by The Village Festival of New Performance, Well Productions & APUBLICSPACECRAFT for Falls Festival 2018

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