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Trans*ferring the field
queer listenings, autotheory and self-sounding in the field

57 minutes, 13 seconds, HD VIDEO, STEREO SOUND

This performance lecture is an experiment in form and performativity. Drawing together queer theory, trans* studies, memoir and personal anecdotes, it explores trans* and queer perspectives of listening and audio recording in the “field”.

A triptych of anecdotes, accompanied by field recordings, are used as the scaffolding to explore the intersections of agency, alterity, solidarity, failure, invisibility, gender and paranoia. The presentation aims to thoughtfully open space for listening and conversation, reflecting, re-imagining and sharing embodied experiences of fieldwork from queer and gender diverse perspectives. 

Amias Hanley Hero Image Text.jpg

Public LECTURE 2022

All School Lab,  Melbourne AU


Next Wave 


All School Program

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